Wings of Cherubs

A book that unravels the secrets of Pisco Punch, the magic and mysterious concoction of San Francisco, California, of the early 1900s. In an entertaining way, the narrative describes the saga of a protagonist obsessed with discovering the recipe of the secret beverage, long lost since the death of its creator in 1926. With the gift of being able to transport himself in time, he reveals little known historical anecdotes of San Francisco. The book climaxes presenting the recipe of the famous Pisco Punch for the benefit of all those who love history and pisco brandy. (254 pgs., 147 photographs and illustrations; a 30 pgs. essay is included - B&W) - 2007

"The Best Wine Literature Book of the World written in Spanish."
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2007

History of Pisco in San Francisco

A scrapbook of first hand historical documentation related to the history of pisco brandy in San Francisco, California. It includes oral stories, pictures of people, places and antique objects, advertisements, newspaper clippings, letters, legal documents, old cocktail recipes and more —much of it published for the first time. A fast to browse book full of first hand historical information and an excellent reference for any person interested in the history of pisco brandy in San Francisco. Much of this historical information was used in the research of Wings of Cherubs. (100 pgs. - full color) - 2010

"A useful and instructive work."
David Wondrich—Author Imbibe!

"A well researched 'piscopedia.'"
Daniel Yaffe—

"An archivist's dream."
Duggan McDonnell—Cantina SF

"An entertaining and significant collection."
H. Ehrmann—Elixir SF

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